Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Flood Damage to Wood Floors

Flood damage to this home’s hardwood flooring was left unattended too long to allow for restoration. It was necessary to remove the water-damaged material... READ MORE

Storm Damage to Roof

Storm Damage tore a portion of the roof from this home. This multifaceted project called for the SERVPRO Disaster Response Team. Temporary roof tarps were requi... READ MORE

Complete Kitchen Renovation

A tree fell on this home, causing significant damage to the kitchen area. Water had invaded the home, damaging the floors and cabinetry, as well as the counter ... READ MORE

Storm Damage to Carpet

This flooded den in local home was the result of heavy rain flowing from an exterior window. Because rain water is not a clean source, removing carpet and floor... READ MORE

Insulation Removal in Attic

When water from a leaky roof affects blown in insulation, it has to be removed. While removing this type of insulation in the past took hours due to bagging it ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Cabin

This flooded living room was the result of exterior rain water seeping in from the back door affecting the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and storage room. Luc... READ MORE