Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Stained Block Wall in Commercial Building

A rusty water pipe burst in a mechanical room at a local manufacturer. Notice the extent of the areas affected; behind machinery and behind pipes tucked in clos... READ MORE

Restaurant Duct Cleaning

This is a before photo of a clean filter before a Duct Cleaning in a local restaurant. The after photo was taken once the job was completed by SERVPRO of North ... READ MORE

Commercial Fire

A fire broke out in the Nature's Bakery production factory in St. Louis over the weekend due to an oven catching on fire. Luckily no one was injured, however so... READ MORE

Mold Removal in School

SERVPRO of North Tampa/Magdalene responded to a call over the summer from a local school about mold growing on the walls and desks. This was a result of the A/C... READ MORE

Commercial Roof Leak

This factory flood was the result of a leak in the roof. Notice the standing water around the pallets and throughout the factory. SERVPRO of North Tampa/Magdale... READ MORE

Water Damage in Commercial Office Space

No one likes walking into their office Monday morning to puddles of standing water. However, when it happens, SERVPRO of North Tampa/Magdalene will be there to ... READ MORE